Sunday, September 13, 2015

Two session reports from San Serafin (as hastily mashed out on Facebook)

So I've been sick this weekend which should mean I'm miserable but instead I've been playing in Mateo's San Serafin games. This is how I told it to my boyfriend via facebook chat:

also this game i played in last night was so much fun

What happened?
ok so it was one of mat diaz's games
and he hacked red and pleasant land into this massive undead city where beasts, the dead, and the living are at war
i was playing as a 14 year-old witch boy with morty's voice
who can do a dance to turn into small animals and tie knots that people become obsessed with untying
none of which actually helped me
but anyway it was mostly ordinary d&d stuff, we decided to explore this huge opera house guarded by a 25-foot caiman
but then we went to the opera and the vampire in our party started booing the singer and the semi-intelligent zombies in the audience got up and started trying to kill him
so i got up and told the audience that we were actors in a new form of experimental theatre that involved audience participation and actors hidden in the crowd
and then like weaved this whole narrative
the vampire gotten eaten anyway but the rest of us got away alive and with a standing ovation
and we got a coat with a map to a manor and stole a witchy coat from the cloakroom and there was a letter in the pocket signed by the king of lepers, who's a powerful NPC guy and witch patron I can learn spells from
we got almost 0 XP
it was great

Hahaha sounds like fun

I should join this game more

What happened to Jessica? [Talking about Jessica Nobletush the Vampire, my Perfidious Albion PC]
well this was mostly his friends from home
okay so he also ran the setting friday night with g+ people
and jessica is already knee-deep in the shit in some other part of the city so I figured I wanted to keep that separate

Oh lol
jessica's having a hard time
he had a turtle that had a ring on it containing the soul of a slain rival
the idea being to punish him forever by trapping him in the body of a turtle
but like
then there were some zombies guarding a gate and they asked me to impress them
so I showed them the turtle
and they bit off its head
and then when i tried to take the ring back they punched me really hard in the face and we ran away
then - remember Mr. Crushmore, his thrall? he was there too
well okay first we run into this terrifying funeral procession thing and the leader gets angry at us for blocking his way
and tells us we have to bring him a living victim
which is fine for me cause i needed to drink some blood
(in retrospect I could have drank Mr. Crushmore's)
Anyway we eventually run into a child with broken legs crying in the road
so anyway obvi it's an ambush and two jaguars attack us and the kid pulls a shiv
so the jaguars were tearing mr crushmore to pieces and there was clearly no saving him so I went into a bloodlust and ate the boy
so I'm down a rival's soul, which might be anywhere by now, a faithful thrall, and there's a funeral procession waiting for us to bring it a living soul
the session ended when we found a human camp
oh and i came up with this plan
where okay so I need to feed but I also need to rest and the jaguars destroyed my coffin while they were mauling Mr. Crushmore
so we dressed up half of mr crushmore in different clothes (he was in pieces anyway) so we're going to ask for two coffins for our "two dead friends" but really we're going to bury mr. crushmore in one and I'll sleep in the other and they'll never know I'm a vampire.
great times in mateo's game lately

Lol not a bad plan

Yeah sounds like it

Let me know when the next game is

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