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Putting my horrible monstrosity of a Frankenheartbreaker here if anyone's interested.

Remind me to draw some cartoon adventurers arguing over who has to go in first.

Base system is Beyond the Wall with the following (numerous) tweaks.

No Fortune Points. I've removed these because I hate metagame currencies.

Ability Scores 3d6 in order, swap two if you want. If the sum of your modifiers is less than 0, you may roll again.

HD & Damage. PC HP has been dialed down a little. Damage is according to weapon type and class.

Weapon types are:
Light - Things like daggers - one handed and concealable.
One-handed - Fairly self-evident
Two-handed - Again, pretty clear. Certain one-handed weapons can be wielded two-handed for extra damage.

CLASS     HD    LIGHT      1-HANDED     2-HANDED
Warrior     d8        d6                 d8                    d10
Rogue       d6        d4                 d6                    d8
Mage        d4        d4                 d4                    d6

HP caps off at level 10 and then increases by by 1 per level, or 2 if you're a warrior.

Skills & Non-Combat Tasks
To do a thing, roll a d12+ability mod vs target number. Target numbers are 7 (challenging) 9 (hard) 11 (very hard) 13 (expert).

Skills are nebulous and silly. If you have a skill that obviously applies to a non-combat, non-magic, non-save roll, add half your level rounding up. After level 10 your skill bonus increases slower. It increases to +6 at level 13, +7 at level 16, and +8 at level 20. You may take a skill twice to double your bonus, but it can never exceed +10. Every character begins play with two skills.

If you're wearing armour and it seems like it would get in the way, or are encumbered, roll at Disadvantage a la 5e.

Saving Throws Unified save lifted directly from Swords & Wizardry. Characters apply relevant ability modifiers to saves.

Magic Untouched from Beyond the Wall.

Inventory & Encumbrance Thanks, Arnold

Starting equipment is massively handwaved. DM chooses a bunch of shit that makes sense for you to have, you are argue about it for a while, and then you choose 3 more mundane things you have on you. Also, 10 gp.

What Happens When You Hit 0 HP? Thanks again, Arnold.

Basically also stolen in part from Arnold but I can't find the link.

Enemies have static initiative equal to 10+HD. Might get curved down ad-hoc for enemies with more than, say, 5 HD.

PCs roll 1d20 + Dex modifier. They get a bonus based on level: Rogues add their level, Warriors add half their level, and Mages add nothing. Initiative is rolled at the beginning of every round.

PCs act in groups, depending on who goes before the monsters and who goes after. So if players A, B, and C win initiative and players D and E lose, players A, B, and C, can act in whatever order they want, then the monsters, then D and E.


Rogues as BtW but since they no longer have fortune points they instead pick two skills as their "specialty skills." These skills count as having been taken twice (thanks for the idea, 5e).

Mages and Warriors essentially untouched.

Bards because I like them are mages but restricted to spells and such that are tricky. You can opt out of rituals to get a d6 hit die and an extra skill.

Elves can't have a Fortune Point penalty so they only have one skill instead.

Clerics because I like them too HD and damage as Rogue. Initiative as a Warrior. May cast spells in armour. Get spells and rituals, but no cantrips. Start with 3 spells instead of 2. Spells limited to those that make sense for deity.

Dwarves and Halflings idk I'll figure these out when someone wants to play one.

Custom classes, races, whatever Most of the time you can easily choose some configuration of class and skill selection and draw some stupid critter and your character is that.

If you want something more complicated ask and we'll work something out.

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