Thursday, July 17, 2014

Some creatures you might run into in the Bubble Palace

If you're in my group, stop reading. Don't go past the jump and look at the pictures. You'll see them in due time. You know who you are.

Are they gone?

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Hi hello it is me i have come to help

Why are you weeping
Yes, those are helicopter blades coming out of the top of its head.

A homunculus created to function as well underwater as on land. If you are holding one it feels like holding a wet bag made of octopus or something. It wants to help its creator so bad.

Every amphibimunculus knows a cantrip and a single spell, which it may cast once a day.

After running out of spells it panicks and calls for help. Check for random encounters twice.

HD 2, AC 8 [11], Save 16, MV quick (hover and swim), ATT none, spells only


lips so luscious~~
Basically a big bubble with cute little legs and a mouth like a waterbear's. It will bounce up and kiss you and suck the air out of your lungs, thereby making itself bigger and more deadly. When it dies, it pops. Roll its HD: Everything in melee range takes that much damage (save for half).

HD 1, AC 8 [11], Save 17, MV normal, ATT kiss, DMG 1d6 Con (see below) Special: Growth

Kiss - When a bubblebear hits an opponent with a kiss attack, it immediately attaches to the enemy's face and hits automatically on subsequent rounds. The victim may make an opposed attack roll on its action to attempt to detach the bubblebear. Lost Con is restored as soon as the bubblebear is detached.

Growth - For every point of Con damage it deals, a bubblebear gains 1 HP. For every 5 Con drained, the bubblebear gains a hit die and 1 point of AC. For every 4 HD gained in this fashion, the bubblebear's damage die increases one size. Also it gets bigger duhhh

A note on behaviour: Bubblebears travel in groups but are very jealous of air-filled things. They are likely to turn on other monster, or perhaps even each other.

Bubble Drake
 Rrrrrrr it hates you rrrrrrr.

It wants to tenderize you and eat you.

HD 5+1, AC 5 [14], Save 13, MV fast, ATT claw claw bubble, DMG 1d4/1d4/see below

Bubble - The Bubble Drake belches out a massive, gooey bubble that envelopes its target and floats. Glue contains a mild neurotoxin and the target saves or is a drooling moron for 1d4 rounds. The bubble rises 10 feet per round until it settles against a ceiling (or reaches the cloud line), at which point it pops. The victim takes falling damage as normal. A bubble may be popped by attacking it. Treat it as having AC 9 [10] for the purpose of ranged attacks.

Lord Girlish

Eccentric socialite and 10th-level mage. One of the great magicians of our time. Recently deceased. Rumours tell of his strange and disturbing proclivities. The magic that kept his Palace functioning is beginning to falter and the giant turtle whose shell it was built on is dying. Clearly had a thing for bubbles.

Also if you like what you see here, and are thinking of maybe hiring an artist to help illustrate something you're working on, I haven't got a whole lot to do these days. Give me a shout.

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