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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Roymont class: Brawler

The Brawler

Everything as fighter except they can only use Arnold K.'s Fashion as Armor system. If they put on any normal armour they hit as a magic-user and lose their special abilities until they take if off.

Class abilities
Unarmed attack - Brawlers' unarmed attacks deal 1d4+STR damage. They get +1 to unarmed combat tricks (more on these in a forthcoming post).
Improvised weaponry - Brawlers can wield any inanimate object that isn't bolted down - chairs, bottles, tables, vases, etc. Improvised weapons deal 1d6+STR damage. This increases to 1d8+STR at level 3.
Break everything- Whenever a brawler misses with a melee weapon, the weapon is smashed, sundered, or otherwise rendered unusable. Magic weapons are excepted.
Imma take my shirt off- When a brawler hits with an unarmed or improvised attack, they may destroy an article of clothing they are wearing to increase the damage by one die size.
Hand me another drink- A brawler may spend a round chugging a bottle of strong wine or liquor valued at minimum 10 gp. Doing so gives them +1 to hit for a number of rounds equal to their level.

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