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Monday, May 25, 2015

Let's Go Camping

A while ago I raised the question on G+ about how you might bring something like Darkest Dungeon's Camping Actions into a tabletop RPG. I really like the idea of having a portion of play set aside to talking about how characters are unwinding - or not - after a hard day of adventuring. It seems like a wonderful beat to add to the adventuring day. So I've spent a lot of time thinking about it. Here's what I've come up with:

See this? This is what bliss looks like.
When the PCs set up camp for the evening, each player chooses one of the following:

Cook  Use up a fine ingredient per 2 characters: Everyone regains 1 HP.* Halflings may use up an extra ration instead.
Forage. Roll under Int: On a success, find edible or useful plants. DM rolls this in secret, so be careful, you might wind up with poison.
Guard. In case of random encounter, party gets an additional roll against surprise for each guard.
Hunt. Go looking for animals to eat. Look out – you might have to fight it.
Medicine. Roll under Wis: Restore 1 HP to an injured target. Must have a healing kit. Clerics pass automatically.
Scout.  Learn some information about the surrounding area. Each group of Scouts gets a new piece of information – but also checks for encounters independently.
Perform  Roll under Charisma. All characters Relaxing get a 5% bonus to XP gained.
Pray  A Cleric may attempt to change their Liturgy**
Relax  Add XP for the day’s adventuring. If you have enough to level, it happens when you wake up.
Repair  Roll under Int: Mend a sundered shield or weapon.
Study  A Wizard may make an attempt to learn a spell from a scroll or spellbook.
Train  Add +1 to any 1 roll tomorrow.

* This is for a low-HP, slow recovery game, where the difference between regaining 1, 2, or 3 HP in the course of a night might be quite significant.
** A thing for my game - Clerics have a spell that's "always prepared" - they can cast it instead of a spell of the same or lower level. This is on top of being able to turn any slot into a healing spell. Since you're probably not using these, you might allow them to regain a single 1st-level spell slot?