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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Immortal Athkan

Some context:

This is a deity for use with Logan Knight's Mystic rules.

Hook is the city in which my campaign is based.

Zekel is the chief and official deity in Hook. But this is not about Zekel.

A holy symbol of  Immortal Athkan

Immortal Athkan was once a general in the service of Hook. No one ever managed to best him in battle.

When he died, he refused to stop defending hook.

He now lies, usually dead, inside the Mound, in a specially guarded tomb. His skeleton and armour have grown to the height of 20 feet. He is a god, and cannot be Turned.

When Hook is in danger, Immortal Athkan rises from his tomb and goes to fight the foe. His bones are covered in gold.

Immortal Athkan is a god of valour and battle. He and his adherents value ruthlessness and defeat of one's enemies above all else - to be carried out with honour and fearlessness, rather than fear and subtlety.

It is illegal to worship Immortal Athkan, except when the city is under attack, in which case it is mandatory, and elaborate shrines are set up atop the Temple of Zekel. Zekel hates Athkan and the rulers of Hook can expect to suffer once he resumes his rest.

This means that Hookish worshipers of Immortal Athkan must carry out their practice in secret - a condition that Immortal Athkan deplores, but of which he accepts the necessity. For now.

Inherent Abilities
Battle Reader
Whenever you travel somewhere where a great battle has taken place, you can hear its echoes. With the erection of a small shrine to Immortal Athkan and a successful Wisdom check, you can learn of the battle's history and secrets.

You may attempt to heal wounds suffered in combat. (One attempt only):

4d6          Restore
18-24          Success
15-17          Success/Bestowed Mark
13-14          Bestowed Mark
7-12            Malpractice
4-6              Brilliant Manifestation of Divinity

Secret Keeper
Immortal Athkan occasionally bestows his followers with secret knowledge. These are to be kept guarded at all costs, or face terrible retribution. (You are excommunicated if you divulge the information to any NPC or player.)

Liturgies of Immortal Athkan

The First Liturgy (Cleric level 1)
In the order of the manifestation of bones and weapons, the bolstering of combat prowess, speaking to the spirits of dead soldiers.

The Second Liturgy (Cleric level 3)
In the order of sensing enemies, seeing enemies at a distance, enlisting the aid of dead soldiers, moderately enlarging humanoids.

The Third Liturgy (Cleric level 5)
In the order of the manifestation of skeletal warriors, terrible omens, the invocation of fear in the hearts of rivals, the infliction of curses, the infliction of smiting blows.

The Fourth Liturgy (Cleric level 7)
In the order of the granting of immunity to, and removal of, diseases, poisons, and toxins, increasing humanoids to giant size, the manifestation of baroque structures and siege weapons made of bone.

The Fifth Liturgy (Cleric level 9)
In the order of the permanent reanimation of those recently slain in battle, the temporary reanimation of any corpse, the summoning of skeletal armies, the manifestation of towering skeletal avatars.

The Secret Sixth Liturgy (Cleric level 13)
The awakening of Immortal Athkan himself.

Gain Favour with Immortal Athkan by performing actions that please him. For example:

1 point
  • Officiate the burial of a fallen soldier
  • Induct a convert into the cult of Immortal Athkan
  • Publicly flagellate a liar
5 points
  • Slay an enemy army, leaving no survivors
  • Remove a coward or liar from a position of power
15 points
  • Kill, in a fair fight, a powerful ruler, and claim their holdings in Immortal Athkan's name
  • Lead an army in a pledge of eternal service to Immortal Athkan