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Friday, July 26, 2019

I'm opening a Discord server

Alright folks, I've been hanging around Discord a while and thinking about what kind of server I'd like to be in, and I think it's time I made it happen. Link after the jump.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Boosting the signal: "Transgender representation in OSR cyberpunk games," by Evlyn M

First, if you're somehow reading my blog and aren't already following Evlyn M at Le Chaudron Chromatique, you should be. Her artwork is some of the most beautiful and original on the RPG scene right now, her writing is bursting with fresh ideas, and her work ethic is enviable and inspiring.

Yesterday she published this excellent overview of trans representation in OSR cyberpunk games. I am first deeply appreciative of Evlyn's efforts to contribute an OSR* perspective to the discussion on queer issues on the RPG scene, and secondly really impressed by the rigour with which she carries out her research.

Back in the Days Of G+ there was a discussion of sorts as to whether the scene needed more critical voices. The prevailing position was that no we don't because those might make someone feel Bad** but I maintain that hell yes we do and this is exactly the sort of work I had in mind. I think Evlyn does such a great job at focalizing an important question, surveying the area, analyzing and drawing intelligent conclusions leading to helpful advice - that is, of being critical though not polemical. Hell yes, more of this please, and thank you.

*or whatever we're calling it these days
**This is an oversimplification and possibly a strawman but I'm blogging from my phone so