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Saturday, December 5, 2015



this game is about PSHYWAR

she is young and she is out for adventure
no, she is looking for something

it's okay that i'm not sure what

MOVE: recollect
this is a game about remembering
Can everyone recollect? No. Only PSHYWAR.
But everyone takes turns being PSHYWAR.

PSHYWAR is building a past.
Everything around her has a past, and her companions know it.
GAALGON is a part of every past.

GAALGON is an the antagonist.
Their identity is unfixed but takes on character as players take turns being them.
Maybe certain GM moves require/allow the revelation of information?
They are always a step ahead of PSHYWAR.
Perhaps they are a shapeshifter.

The world is sad and gray. It has pockets of colour.

Other PCs are supporting characters. They come and go. They are the colour of the world.
Their job is to build a world for PSHYWAR to explore, and for GAALGON to ruin.

They include MOLUCK, the dead wizard's homunculus.
CALC, the red robot seeking a heart.
RADA, the froggish swordswoman of the swamp, who wants to woo PSHYWAR.
GRANDMOTHER ESTIVELLE, from Castle XXXXX, who seeks to bring PSHYWAR home.
FRAMOR the tigress, who wants to honour her debt to PSHYWAR. She does so by her own means.
OLANON the witch, who wishes to steal PSHYWAR's heart -- literally

Found this lying around my harddrive. I typed this up about a year ago and never really followed up on it but I'm thinking it was actually kind of a cool idea. Copied directly from the file, pretentious caps and all.

So the idea was an RPG where the players swap around roles in between session, So the "main character" - Pshywar, it played and developed by everyone. Gaalgon and the supporting cast switch hands every session, and you get different supporting characters from session to session.

I think my mental image for this game was Samurai Jack as drawn by Yoskitaka Amano with some Miyazaki feels thrown in. I mean Gaalgon is pretty much Aku.

Also implicit in the writing is that I was intending to base the rules off Apocalypse World and its ilk - hence the references to Moves. It would be cool if the GM had a playbook for Gaalgon indicating how they are able to manifest their influence. The idea being Gaalgon advances like any other PC.

Thinking about it now it would be cool if the supporting characters determine what kind of things Pshywar can recollect. So, like, if Flamor is injured defending Pshywar, Flamor's player gets to invent a detail about her and Pshywar's shared past - their first encounter, the last time they saw each other, the reason for Flamor's dept, etc. (Flamor, being a tiget, can't talk, so she can't just explain these things.)

Rada might be good at fighting and her bravado recalls past loves. Grandmother Estivelle brings back memories of Pshywar's childhood. Maybe Olanon helped Gaalgon rise to power?

Pshywar needs a clearer goal. Obviously her primary goal is to rid herself of Gaalgon - whether that means killing them or simply getting away I'm undecided on. But, what brings her from place to place? Maybe she doesn't know yet. That's why she's the center of every session. Really the idea is to create her by playing as/with her. The establishment of clearer goals might be tied to advancement?

Tentatively, let's say her goal is to "find colour".

I'm still not sure where I'm going with this but I really like the idea. This will be seeing more work.


 Music by Tom

 Via Flickr:
 Outdoor theater, Kjosfossen, Norway. Its total fall is around 225 metres (738 ft).

One of Gaalgon's lieutenants?

Magic Wire mesh sculptures by Pauline Ohrel (FR) 
(via Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas)


Harlequin - Raúl Soldi
This seems like a good candidate for a supporting character


The Letter, by Moebius

This is there, but there's no one is looking at it and it's never going to be finished
Possible ally or assassin sent by Gaalgon
Gaalgon is behind this somehow
This too
That's Pshywar in there

artmastered:Giorgio de Chirico, The Red Tower, 1913

Michael Whelan, Watchtower
A place of colour?