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Monday, March 30, 2020

New podcast: Text to Table

I've started a podcast!

You can listen to the first episode here!

What's it about?

Text to Table is a series of interviews about RPGs, focusing on GMing as craft. It understands the act of taking RPG texts and bringing them to life in games as a task that is complex, skillful, expressive, and challenging. I speak with GMs about their experiences with various RPG products and topics, in order to get a better sense of how they bridge that seemingly endless gap between the thing on the page (or in your head) and the fantastical chaos of play.

This first episode features David Wilkie / Anxiety Wizard as we talk about Troika, its colourful archetypes, and the wide-open campaign affordances of its rules and setting.

I hope you enjoy. Feel free to shoot me any questions/comments/feedback here or by email at If you enjoy, please share, as I'm not on RPG twitter and therefore somewhat limited in my ability to reach listeners. Also please let me know if there's a topic you'd like to see addressed, or if you have insights you might be interested in sharing on the show yourself!