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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

My only take on AC

I can't believe I'm even writing about ascending/descending AC. Blame Marcia, who's doing some fascinating work with the old Chainmail tables.

Look, here's my only take on ascending AC:

If you're using AC to reference a table, don't express AC as a number. You can use letters! Letter grade AC! It makes it so much less confusing when the number on the sheet is separate from the number you're rolling against.

So here we go: Unarmoured = D, Leather = C, Chain = B, Plate = A

If there's a shield, you get a +. So Plate + Shield = A+.

That's it. That's the take.


  1. just saw this! using letters is a great idea :) way less confusing than numbers--thanks gary

  2. All well and good until you start adding AC adjustments for magic, DEX, etc. B+++? C-? Etc.


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